Wednesday, 6 May 2015


I've been pretty slack on blogging, whats worse is I have a fair few things to write about.

I'll keep this one more to bullet points and go back over them in more details in separate posts.

C5 and C6, Had a couple bring this up and it was something I wanted to work on much more anyway as I think it needs some help. I'm lucky in that CCP Fozzie is good enough to sit down and give me 15 to 20 mins on skype for me to go over issues and check on stuff. I'm planning on seeing if I can sort another call with him in the near future.

The CSM is finally really kicking in. We all have nice shiny emails, We've moved over to slack, which has some good and bad stuff. Good its alot more organised, and easy to keep track off. Bad it's not used as much outside of work hours, like skype was. We've had six meetings now. I've managed to make them all.

I've been playing a fair mix of eve. Fair bit in w space on alts, some manufacture. and a little in null normally either hanging out with some goons in w space or the newbee's of karmafleet, If I rat, a couple of them will often follow and salvage. its surprising how much really new players can make doing that.

I've also been playing a couple other games, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 and Stardrive 2. I only got Starcraft cos I wanted the kerrigan wings from the collectors pack (a shout out to CCP Affinity for telling me about them). This has now lead to all the people I play Diablo with getting them.

Had a few people who are still moaning about me being in goons, I've had a pretty good laugh about this and with some people I speak with often, I'll be including a load of quotes from various people about it when I write this one up. I also love the guy who sent me a notification message with some hate on it, I funny thing about that is I actually have a alt in that corporation that the group doesn't know about.

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