Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Structures 2

The last three weeks have been pretty manic in regards to structures.

I've been working like mad to get feedback from different groups. I've managed to hit up 38 groups now spending over a hour talking to most. The last week has been pretty rough I've alarm clocked several times at 3 in the morning, to speak to some west coast Americans and then in the same evening speaking to some eu tz groups.

These have been really useful and I've had some great feedback which I've passed on to CCP. It's finally got to the point where I'm not hearing much stuff that's new now. So I probably won't be going and speaking to any more groups. If you have a niche specialty you want addressed and you feel I've missed you, bring it up, otherwise I won't know about it.. At least till we get a lot more information to talk about.

I organised a sounding board for w space people on citadels, It got derailed a couple times, but these things always do. On the whole I was pretty happy about the results.

More information can be found here for the sound cloud recording. Or here for some transcribing of the meeting.

Big thanks to both Ransu Asanari for doing the transcription and recording and Steve Ronuken for converting it to sound cloud for me.

Once more information is out I'll start going and doing this all over again.

I do have some concerns about some of the stuff. The no auto defenses I still have a big issue with. No one wants this at all and while some points are raised that it wouldn't be as much of a issue as thought on the sounding board, people still have concerns.

There are concerns about the changes in loot dropping. The feedback has been very mixed. Semi off topic here. But one thing I have found is you can't take whats on the forums at face value, you generally only get the people who are angry posting while the people who like the change don't post. The forums can be a very toxic place and a lot just don't like speaking there. If you want people opinions you have to go and speak to them. The fact that in general if people are happy with stuff they don't mention it on the forum, highlight how important it is to go around and chat to people.

There is concern about how you will know who is in these structures. Information regarding how you will find these. Although a much more minor one and probably one that's much easier to fix.

You may not have seen me playing much the last few weeks. Keeping on top of this subject has been a huge workload, I don't get as much time to play as I used to but last few weeks have been really bad so. Short of some huge issue like Somer Gate, I'm hoping to take a bit of a break and actually play the game.