Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Quick update.

Sorry I haven't blogged in a bit, been really busy. This might well also be a bit random.

With Kronos coming out, there's been loads to check. Both before and after. I've spent alot of time on sisi testing some stuff. I'v had a couple friends from NOHO come and help, Big thanks to Blackish Person and Murashj as well as all the people who have given me input on best way to run different sites.

So fair I've pretty much finished with C1 to C3 space. Just started on C4's now and am half way through the grav and ladar sites. There's a pretty crazy amount of sites to check, some where over 60. So I guess I'm half way.

I should probably also say a huge thank you to CCP Fozzie, CCP Leeloo and CCP affinity, who have helped with mods, moved ships, found me sites and wormholes I need. Acted as a ammo store for when I'm running low. I really dread to think just how long it would have took me to find all the wh's and sites on sisi without there help.

The CSM is up to about meeting 26 now, I wasn't expecting us to be kept in the loop as much as we are. Sugar kyle has started doing a Q and A twice a month for eve uni one in Eu tz and one in US tz, I tagged along both times (Mayor JSilva came along to US tz one as well) It was really interesting hearing what people thought on stuff and answering any questions they had, We got asked some really random questions from "what's your fave ship" to "can we get a newbie only zone". A lot was taken on board and it was really enjoyable.

The slight down side of all this is I'm just not getting as much time to play. I'm still trying to get on NOHO comms every day and trying to at least get something done.

I did get to have some great fun suicide ganking last week. I was speaking to another wormhole alliance, Trapped and they said they were going to suicide gank some mission Tengus in hisec, and asked if I wanted to come along. I've never done suicide ganking so I said sure, podded myself out to hisec and headed to there system. There were really well organised and it was really interesting, seeing exactly how they went about going after people. I'd say half the people we went after we caught. The others managed to warp before we tackled them so we didn't lose anything but time. What I will say is its pretty crazy 6 (5 if you take in to account I didn't actually get any damage on it) thrashers can kill a 2.3 billion isk tengu. In total we used 19 thrashers at 11million a pop and got 1.25billion isk of loot in a hour.