Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Interesting week

This week has been pretty interesting. there has been the usual feedback with devs. But one thing stands out.

The previous week CCP Larrikin asked if I would organize a jump fatigue sounding board. This isn't something I'm that into. I guess I use them a bit in goons but I've never had a issue with it. When it came out every character I had was in w-space. So I never really had to worry about it. Now with the help of other CSM we sorted a sounding board. You can find it here.

I've organised a fair few of these and the feedback from players and devs has always been positive, if it wasn't I wouldn't waste my time and others on them. But now its a null issue and its interesting seeing peoples responses. I guess null people don't like them but we'll wait and see.

It got linked to reddit, with some interesting comments.

It's a bit of a dig at me since I don't personally think jump fatigue is as bad as people think. But then I'll also admit I've never really used jumping that much so in that case i'm not a expert. Good job that for this sounding board my job will be to just make sure it runs ok and moderate it. Not put my personal POV across.

But now lets look at some other stuff in much more detail. This line by Elise "I'm sure the CSM that brought us a wormhole nerf to "promote local content" will have some really great input on jump mechanics."  Hahaha the fucking irony.

This leads in to alot of things concerning the CSM. I think we should be more accountable. Sadly some don't, some will happily post ballshit on forums or reddit or other places. which is totally at odds to what they say in private. In short they hide behind the NDA, as they don't want the people who voted them on knowing exactly what they said in private, even if it is for the better of the game not there allaince.

It gets worse when you have CSM nag others on CSM to take statements back so it doesn't paint them in a bad light, even if its stuff they have said. At the end of the day we are accountable to who voted us on and people should be prepared to tell them exactly what they have said.