Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Interesting week

This week has been pretty interesting. there has been the usual feedback with devs. But one thing stands out.

The previous week CCP Larrikin asked if I would organize a jump fatigue sounding board. This isn't something I'm that into. I guess I use them a bit in goons but I've never had a issue with it. When it came out every character I had was in w-space. So I never really had to worry about it. Now with the help of other CSM we sorted a sounding board. You can find it here.

I've organised a fair few of these and the feedback from players and devs has always been positive, if it wasn't I wouldn't waste my time and others on them. But now its a null issue and its interesting seeing peoples responses. I guess null people don't like them but we'll wait and see.

It got linked to reddit, with some interesting comments.

It's a bit of a dig at me since I don't personally think jump fatigue is as bad as people think. But then I'll also admit I've never really used jumping that much so in that case i'm not a expert. Good job that for this sounding board my job will be to just make sure it runs ok and moderate it. Not put my personal POV across.

But now lets look at some other stuff in much more detail. This line by Elise "I'm sure the CSM that brought us a wormhole nerf to "promote local content" will have some really great input on jump mechanics."  Hahaha the fucking irony.

This leads in to alot of things concerning the CSM. I think we should be more accountable. Sadly some don't, some will happily post ballshit on forums or reddit or other places. which is totally at odds to what they say in private. In short they hide behind the NDA, as they don't want the people who voted them on knowing exactly what they said in private, even if it is for the better of the game not there allaince.

It gets worse when you have CSM nag others on CSM to take statements back so it doesn't paint them in a bad light, even if its stuff they have said. At the end of the day we are accountable to who voted us on and people should be prepared to tell them exactly what they have said.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Structures 2

The last three weeks have been pretty manic in regards to structures.

I've been working like mad to get feedback from different groups. I've managed to hit up 38 groups now spending over a hour talking to most. The last week has been pretty rough I've alarm clocked several times at 3 in the morning, to speak to some west coast Americans and then in the same evening speaking to some eu tz groups.

These have been really useful and I've had some great feedback which I've passed on to CCP. It's finally got to the point where I'm not hearing much stuff that's new now. So I probably won't be going and speaking to any more groups. If you have a niche specialty you want addressed and you feel I've missed you, bring it up, otherwise I won't know about it.. At least till we get a lot more information to talk about.

I organised a sounding board for w space people on citadels, It got derailed a couple times, but these things always do. On the whole I was pretty happy about the results.

More information can be found here for the sound cloud recording. Or here for some transcribing of the meeting.

Big thanks to both Ransu Asanari for doing the transcription and recording and Steve Ronuken for converting it to sound cloud for me.

Once more information is out I'll start going and doing this all over again.

I do have some concerns about some of the stuff. The no auto defenses I still have a big issue with. No one wants this at all and while some points are raised that it wouldn't be as much of a issue as thought on the sounding board, people still have concerns.

There are concerns about the changes in loot dropping. The feedback has been very mixed. Semi off topic here. But one thing I have found is you can't take whats on the forums at face value, you generally only get the people who are angry posting while the people who like the change don't post. The forums can be a very toxic place and a lot just don't like speaking there. If you want people opinions you have to go and speak to them. The fact that in general if people are happy with stuff they don't mention it on the forum, highlight how important it is to go around and chat to people.

There is concern about how you will know who is in these structures. Information regarding how you will find these. Although a much more minor one and probably one that's much easier to fix.

You may not have seen me playing much the last few weeks. Keeping on top of this subject has been a huge workload, I don't get as much time to play as I used to but last few weeks have been really bad so. Short of some huge issue like Somer Gate, I'm hoping to take a bit of a break and actually play the game.

Friday, 22 May 2015

C5 and C6 space.

I said a while ago that I'd write something up about the state of C5 and C6 space.

I've had some concerns over this area of W-space for a while, along with a few others who have spoken to me about various issues around it. A lot of people have complain that this area of space is dead or dying. The problem atleast in my eyes is that part of the problem isn't a mechanical issue. Getting more people in to C1 to C4 space was fairly easy a big increase in the value of blue loot lead to a lot more people in space, combined with C4 getting dual statics and a lot of PvP groups moved in to them.

Some of the problems can be shown in a mail I got, I get quite a few like this and skype messages about the same. (I've blanked out names)

bringing up the point of bringing more people to w-space, until cap escals are delt with vary few groups will move to repopulate high class space out side of farming and even then it is currently dominated by **/****/***/****. Almost every other c5/6 you find will have a alt corp owned by them, and they will defend them i remeber when i was still in rainbow that **** once asked if anyone wanted to help kill caps which turned out to be someone trying to evict their farm corp. 
lowering loss is a good first step but wormhole need to loose the massive profit of owning many holes or those mega wormhole corps will continue to dominate the rest of w-space without challange for a long time.

What can be done? Getting more people in to C5 or C6 isn't that easy, with capital escalations its very easy to make huge amounts of isk in a very short time in a pretty safe manner. Whats worse is that you are disincentived to bring more people since this lowers your isk/person. Your much better having 10 groups of 5 people running cap escalations in 10 different wormholes than 50 people in one place farming.

CCP Bettik mentioned at fanfest that they are looking to potentially change this lowering the isk from cap escalations in some manner but giving you a bonus for finishing the site to compensate.

This would hopefully encourage groups to farm stuff in their static and get more people in space, more people in space is always good.

The non mechanical issue. The whcfc, now while they aren't always together, they often we're/are and this leads to people always assuming they are regardless. In NoHo we're had multiple times when we're had 3 groups all come in together and it does get to the point when if you see one you just assume the others won't be far behind.

Whats worse is it doesn't stop there. People don't want to engage them and just blue ball, due to either not having enough people or expecting other groups to be with them. This then leads to evictions due to "they never fight must be carebears". Then you have even less people to kill. It's a simple case of over fishing.

Now even if these groups do stop teaming up the problem is people will often assume they are together and so still won't engage. I've spoke to a few people about this and I just don't think this can be sorted by any mechanical change.

If people have ideas and suggestions I'm more than happy to listen to them.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


A Dev blog came out a bit ago.

Alot of the stuff is pretty good, How ever there is always concerns.

From a wormhole POV I have three main concerns

1) No auto defenses. I have several issues here, You have to set the vulnerability time for your prime time (ok you don't have to, but you'd be pretty crazy not to). So when its your best time to be on and playing with your mates, some one has to stay back to man the guns. This to me is terribly counter intuitive.

After that you have the issue that without a hp threshold anyone in any ship can potentially reinforce a pos meaning that cloaked ship in system could easily reinforce a pos if your not about.

2) Loot not dropping. This isn't strictly true some minor stuff will drop, but it won't be how it is in w space where everything could potentially drop. Its one of the main reasons people invade for loot and without this its likely to not be worth the hassle.

3) Just how will we find these new structures and get intel on who is inside. This is probably the least impactful and easily solved of the three, a lot has already be discussed regarding this.

Station games and linking.

I've had a lot of people moan about wormholes getting docking games and this simply isn't the case. It basically comes down to a couple things, people not reading the feedback thread and CCP not explaining it really well.

Here is what it will mostly be like.

you will be docked, you will be able to see the grid outside. So can see if anyone is about. You undock and enter a linking phase, while in this linking phase you are invulnerable, can't lock people or be locked yourself. You will how ever be able to fly around the citadel to a certain distance. This will act as a pseudo force field.

As for feedback, I've gone and spoke to nine different wormhole groups so far for approximately 11 hours. I've had some really great ideas and feedback along with a lot of good questions that need to be asked, three A4 pages of wormhole questions and notes and another 1 page on general stuff. Which I have posted on to CCP's confluence. I've also been speaking to CCP Nullabor alot about issues regarding citadels in w space (500 plus lines of convo in the couple days before the dev blog coming out) So much so I feel pretty confident that he could now actually plan a semi decent wormhole invasion on his own.

One of the main things I got from people was overall its a positive thing although its still really early, and we need to wait for more information. Which I totally agree with, We had a meeting with CCP this week to get a better feel for there overall ideas and will be getting more info to read through soon, which will be nice, I raised a few issues (number 1 to 3) and also mentioned how some stuff just wasn't explained all that well, which they are hoping to sort in the future,

I'm pretty optimistic at the moment although its very early in the development at the moment.

PS. I'm looking to try and find some tiny wormhole groups 20 max players to chat to about this.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Concerns sent in.

I recently got mailed in some pretty good questions by Selto Black of The Desolate Order, so figured I'd answer them here as there probably concerns alot have.

What affects do you believe the new structures will have on j-space?

I'm hoping it will make life in W-space easier, although there are issues. Trying to balance everything for all different spaces, Isn't going to be easy

Do you think that the window of vulnerability will work in j-space? 

This is where it gets tricky, firstly its worth remembering that just because the vulnerability window works one way in sov doesn't mean it has to work that way for everything. CCP are building in as many knobs and buttons so that things can be altered and changed as much as possible as easily as possible. My guess is yes it can work although. I'll be pointing out issues and concerns as we go along I've posted alot of feedback already on the confluence page and as well raised them in our slack group and to CCP Nullabor, we're hoping to have a meeting soon where we can get some more information about general things to help give us a better overall idea of what will be happening.

What is your view on the new shattered holes?

If you mean in general I still have some things I don't like, I'm still not a fan of forcing people to go armour in them with the Wolf Rayet effect, although I can see why they did it. If you mean will they allow POS's in there, my guess at the moment would be no. They probably want to keep it how it is.

How do you feel about Wormholers jumping into null just to entosis station services to provoke fights?

How do you feel about Wormholers Reinforcing Null-Sec structures just for the shits and giggles.

I'll answer both these together I'm not sure these will get fights I can see small groups going out and saying "hey fight me or we start knocking your services offline" But the majority of people who don't want to fight will just stay docked and try to put them back on afterwards when noone is around. I think its potentially going to be a griefers paradise. Which has me concerned on some levels. Its one of these things that's not to much a issue for big groups but will be a huge issue for smaller less organised groups. Sadly that's nearly always the way regardless of changes but this will definitely make it harder for smaller groups that live in null. Alot of this will depend on just how much people use there space, and how big the vulnerability window is.

What is your view on the blue bagel renting out C6 space?

I don't really like it, sadly its hard to stop, its a player driven issue. Not a mechanical one. I must say I find it funny when Hidden Freman (CEO of lazerhawks) moans there isn't enough pvp in w space when he's part of the blue bagel going around kicking people out. I'm hoping the changes to capital escalations will help in some way although I doubt it will be enough. The other issue is should CCP even do stuff to alter players behavior as its a sandbox after all. I think the only way you can say yes here is if its in the interests of making the game better as a whole. Then it gets subjective on whats best for the game.

How would you go about making Poses in Wormholes "Fair" (with respect to not being moon locked, How to make them findable without having to reveal that you're there)under Fozzie structures?

With the first part if that happens in W-space, as stuff can change. You have to look at what issues it will cause, the main one being full moon coverage being a defense of system mechanic. When I did all the POS survey last year nearly half of the people who filled them in said they covered all moons. It also wasn't just people in high class wormholes that did this. loads in lower class wormholes did as well.
If your going to take that away you need to add something to compensate. If we can't have full coverage we need something else one way would be making it so POS are a real force multiplier. They will need teeth and a much better way to affect the battles around them than they do now.

On making them findable and I think you definitely need to be able to find them without revealing that you are there. Having them appear on the overview tab like stations, is probably the simplest way to do it. another option would be to maybe have some probes you can launch while cloaked that are cloaked as well but can only scan structures. Although that to me personally seems needless complex compared to the first way.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


I've been pretty slack on blogging, whats worse is I have a fair few things to write about.

I'll keep this one more to bullet points and go back over them in more details in separate posts.

C5 and C6, Had a couple bring this up and it was something I wanted to work on much more anyway as I think it needs some help. I'm lucky in that CCP Fozzie is good enough to sit down and give me 15 to 20 mins on skype for me to go over issues and check on stuff. I'm planning on seeing if I can sort another call with him in the near future.

The CSM is finally really kicking in. We all have nice shiny emails, We've moved over to slack, which has some good and bad stuff. Good its alot more organised, and easy to keep track off. Bad it's not used as much outside of work hours, like skype was. We've had six meetings now. I've managed to make them all.

I've been playing a fair mix of eve. Fair bit in w space on alts, some manufacture. and a little in null normally either hanging out with some goons in w space or the newbee's of karmafleet, If I rat, a couple of them will often follow and salvage. its surprising how much really new players can make doing that.

I've also been playing a couple other games, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 and Stardrive 2. I only got Starcraft cos I wanted the kerrigan wings from the collectors pack (a shout out to CCP Affinity for telling me about them). This has now lead to all the people I play Diablo with getting them.

Had a few people who are still moaning about me being in goons, I've had a pretty good laugh about this and with some people I speak with often, I'll be including a load of quotes from various people about it when I write this one up. I also love the guy who sent me a notification message with some hate on it, I funny thing about that is I actually have a alt in that corporation that the group doesn't know about.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Real life

So I figure if I am going to blog more often I might as well blog about some more general stuff. Real life I've decided to set myself a few goals. Its something I should have done long ago, but didn't finally commit till I watched one of my fave channels on youtube.

Abroad in japan

He talks about alot of interesting stuff about Japan, from teaching them how to swear, to some of the sights to see.

Its a great watch some really interesting stuff, but to the point of it. He tried to lose 10kg in 10 weeks. And as some might know I really need to lose weight so, I figure I'll see if I can do this. I used to be pretty active, did alot of gym stuff a small amount of martial arts and stuff, But owing to a slight case of Chronic fatigue syndrome its not as easy as it used to be.

I've set myself a few goals not only do I want to lose 10kg in 10 weeks but;
I'd like to run 5 miles (I've ran half marathons before but 5 miles would be a huge goal in 10 weeks).
I'd like to hit a few gym goals 350-400kg leg press and 100kg bench press. I'm pretty confident about the leg press, not so much bench press.

I'm not sure if I will do weekly or monthly or hell even any updates, I'll def do a 10 week review on how I did though.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

First few days

Four days back from fanfest, and things are starting to come together.

CSMX wise, NDA's have been sent out to all the new members, It seems like most people are getting these sorted fast. Sort Dragon's already has his done since he was at fanfest. A CSMX skype channel is already up and running everyone's in there already. Its been fairly active and everyone is speaking, No one is afk yet, which is always a good start.

Once everyone gets confluence access I can see a lot of ideas being put up on there.

GRR Goons, I've been in corp two days now. I haven't bothered moving ships, I just intend to buy them in Deklien. Getting registered and set up with admin was pretty simple, even for me who most people know, a techno noob. I got a travel interceptor sorted as well ratting ship (cant be corbear without a ratting ship). That being a Gila, first time I've ever used one and they are really fun, I rarely use drones but, holy shit Gila drones kill stuff fast.

I also spent a evening chatting to a mate, Porkbutte who is the CEO of Karmafleet, Its a super newbee friendly corp that by all accounts is doing really well. I said I'd help out where I can with basic stuff and once stuff settles down I'll do a weekly chat about w space  and maybe even take them in to w-space if I can find handy wormholes. The time I do spend on GSF mumble its normally hanging out in the karmafleet channel helping where I can.

My alt is lined up to join its first wormhole corp and spend a couple weeks playing with them to see what they do and if they have any issues. I'm really looking forward to this. There is some interesting stuff on the forums especially about structures, a fair bit of panic with people jumping to conclusions.
Hopefully I'll have the first sounding boards for w space on this topic sorted soon.

All in all its been a fun week and probably the most excited I've been to play eve in ages

Friday, 27 March 2015

Fanfest 2015

Fanfest is over and its been a blast.

I met up with some mates at the airport, On arrival we topped up on duty free beers and spirits. A must for anyone going to fanfest as alcohol is heavily taxed in Iceland. I was lucky enough to see Ali, a taxi driver CCP often uses and said hello to him, He was nice enough to sort us out a cheap taxi that took us right to our apartment.

The apartment itself was super nice easily sleeping 10 people it had a really nice kitchen (which we didn't use) and a couple of shower rooms. The only down side is we couldn't seem to turn the heating down or open the windows in bedrooms. It was also seemed great value as well, you can see pic of the place here. I'd highly recommend it to anyone going as a big group its about a 5 to 10 min walk to the harpa, with plently of pubs along the way.

There were a couple none wormhole people I really wanted to meet Noizy gamer and Neville smit. Yes I now know Noizy is in thera so not really a none wormholer. I was lucky enough to bump in to Neville at Nora's and we got to have a good chat about stuff in general. Noizy was slightly harder to track down but luckily Sugar just sent him a message and asked if he wanted to meet up for food.  I didn't realise he was going to be doing a presentation but was good to chat to him and hear some stuff on RMT and Isboxing It was also really cool to hear he was in Thera and the stuff he was doing. When I get time I'm hoping to put a alt in his group to hang out with them for a couple weeks.

I got meet up with alot of wormhole people, It was great to meet Proc and Bernie in person, as well as the Artic light guys who are all batshit crazy. At the charity dinner I got to meet a few more and have a natter about general stuff, atleast till it turned in to api/crest stuff. At that point I called Steve in to help.

It was also nice to meet up with the other CSM in person Asay, Mangala, Gorski, who I have never met in real life all were really nice. Its one of them funny things we argue alot on CSM. But everyone is super friendly and chill in person. Its especially true for corebloodbrothers, we argue alot but he's one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

What else happened, Well the CSM panel happened more on this later, I'll be doing that in a separate blog. I managed to get to both the wormhole workshops and they were really good, I won't lie, they had alot of really good and interesting ideas. I spoke to a couple CCP Devs about it and they felt they were productive as well. I made it to all the keynotes and was well. For the last keynote on day one with the CSM announcement I was sat with CCP Masterplan and Sugar. I won't lie we'd both been worrying if we would get in. So was really nice to see we did, only to have CCP Masterplan giggle about it. Looking at the numbers now sugar WTF owned it, and justifiably so.

I got asked to do a few interviews with media, Its pretty strange as its not something I am used to. First Sion and I got interviewed by a Chinese reporter. Then I got interviewed for a German PC gamer magazine and then TMDC. The last one was by Cassandra Khaw who wanted to speak to me about wormholes. Turns out she had interviewed me along with several other people two years ago. Which surprised her when i remembered. We spoke about a few things that had changed and then I mentioned BOB. She was amazed that a god/religion had been created in game. She was amazed and asked me loads of stuff, how it all started, what people did, who followed it, the history. I had a few answers but it was obvious she wanted to know more, and luckily both Proc and Asay were at fanfest. I left saying I'd return later with more knowledgeable people. I found them both sadly Asay had other stuff he had to do but Proc was more than happy to come along.

They sat down talking with him explaining the history, she couldn't believe it, I had to laugh when at one point we pointed out how people often sacrificed exotic dancers to BOB, She seemed very shocked even if it was just a game. Proc sent her a whole load of info, which apparently has been recorded by a BBC radio journalist.

The party on top of the world was great fun, had alot of laughs I don't think my shirts offended to many people. By the end of the event I was super tired.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

CSM Ballot

Below you'll see my ballot along with a brief comment on why people are there.

  1. Myself - So I'm biased.
  2. Sugar kyle - Incumbent lowsec hardest worker on the CSM.
  3. Ariete - Wormholer
  4. Steve Ronuken - Incumbent, hisec industry, 3rd party stuff.
  5. Sion Kumitomo - He'll get in so you can leave him off but this is where I'd put him. So feel free to leave him off.
  6. Cagali Cagali - Brave NPE
  7. Chance Ravinne - Newbie wormholer.
  8. Ashterothi - Wormholer and podcaster.
  9. Bam Stroker - Eve down under organiser.
  10. Khador Vess - RvB fc.
  11. Psianh Anyvander - Noir Academy
  12. Jayne Fillion - NPSI 
  13. Manfred Sideous - Null sec rep
  14. Endie - The left hand to Sions right hand. 

Sugar's been the hardest working CSM, She's not affraid to speak to people and on a personal level and will happily listen to anyone. She has her monthly chit chats on eve uni mumble, where people can come ask her stuff. She blogs loads to let people know whats happening. Hell tbh if I had more sense I would just guest blog on her blog since I really don't blog enough to warrant my own. She's that good I've actually put her ahead of my wormhole second choice, she pretty much a shoe in.

Ariete joined late in the race but is the best wormholer  running on a wormhole only platform, after me.

Steve if you live in hisec, do industry, 3rd party stuff you need to vote for this guy. He's a god damn legend, My only issue is he should let people know more about the stuff he does.

Sion, probably a surprise to some to see him this far up he'll get in, so as I said feel free to level him off. But he deserves to be on the list. I share alot of his views on general stuff. His null understanding is second to none. He's also not afraid to speak his mind with stuff thats controversial. I'll be honest I'm surprised more people haven't put him on their list my guess is probably because they, know he will get on, and secondly GRRR Goons.

Cageli, I've known him for several year, since I first started donating to brave dojo and chat to him often, I'm super glad he's running, I nagged him loads about it. He's the godfather of newbies and really understand them and the issues needs they have. His down under presentation was excellent. 

Chance, Is really enthusiastic has alot of interesting. He's also a wormholer so got to give him credit for that.

Ashterothi. A podcaster and wormholer, I don't know him super well only spoke to him a few times, and I'll be totally honest I'm not that in to media types, I agree with Funky when he says about them not making good CSM reps. But #wormholer #yolo.

Bam, I haven't actually got to speak to this chap yet. However a couple people I really trust have spoken very highly about him and there is nothing bad about him I can find at all, yes I did look.

Khador, Is my hisec of choice.

Psianh, very knowledgeable, If it wasn't a wormhole ballot I'd almost certainly put him higher.

Jayne, with corp and alliance roles being looked at this is a good time to add a NPSI pov in there to help out there and he's the logical choice.

Manny. he's a given to get in. But is really needed for his nullsec knowledge and ability to think outside the box even if his ideas hurt his own allaince, He's also super helpful, I've spoke to him several times to get more info on various things, null sov and T3's in null. he's always been happy to give up time and chat about issues.

Endie, quite simply you don't get to be super high up in Goons unless your really good. Love them or hate them, their leadership knows their shit. If he is half as good as Sion, he'll be a asset to the csm.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Wormhole report 2. NPC Kills

Following on from the previous blog post, I'm looking at NPC kills.

I'll be looking at from Cruis to today.

C1 Increased from Cruis to Hyperion, then dropped the same amount to Oceanus. Only to rise again and then stabilize around rhea at approximately 50% higher than Cruis.

While the pos's in C1 did increase it was in no way anywhere near as much as npc kills, meaning there is a lot more ratting happening now than before.

C2 Had a slight dip leading up to Hyperion and a bit after. only to start increasing again sharply to Pheobe and then continued at a steadier pace up to today, showing a overall increase of nearly 100% npc kills.

Whilst looking at the previous blog we see POS's increased by 10 to 15%, The increase in npc kills is probably do in some part to C4's having the extra static as well as the sites being coming a lot more profitable, encouraging people to do them. C2's seem a lot more active now than Hyperion.

C3 At Cruis C3's had more npc than any other class. They showed a slight rise just after the expansion but then dropped before Hyperion, which continued to Oceanus, this was a fairly significant drop of about 20 to 25%. It gained this back by Pheobe and then slowly increased to Proteus where it dropped slightly. Although its still slightly higher than it was Cruis.

As the POS's stayed pretty stable throughout this whole period its fairly safe to assume the drop in npc kills leading up to Hyperion and a bit after was down to people being concerned at just how safe it was to run sites in the time. But the increase in income coming up to Pheobe encouraged  people back to killing red crosses.

C4 Between Cruis and a bit past Hyperion C4's took a massive drop in npc kills (about 30 to 35%). It stayed at this leave through Oceanus to Pheobe, then picked up with increasing pace to Proteus where its dropped slightly. But still finishing at the same level as Cruis.

The huge drop in npc kills happens a month or so before the very slight drop in POS in C4 space. I'm not sure if this is people panicking or super active farming groups packing up. The increase in npc kills is also a month or so after when POS's pick up although its a much, much steeper increase than the POS increase. I'm hoping its just the delayed time in people packing up moving out and new people moving back in and setting up.

C5 Saw a steady drop npc kills through Cruis in to Hyperion, the drop was about 15%. It then rose sharply come Oceanus to Pheobe where it dropped a small about, before bouncing back at Rhea to a all time high today. The total increase from Cruis to now being close to 35 to 40%. They now also  hold the title of having most npc's killed of any class of W-space.

While there was a slight drop in POS's around Oceanus this doesn't fit in with the npc kills, which were increasing. There was a small increase POS's over the time from Cruis to now but nothing what so ever like the increase in npc kills. My guess is that a lot of these npc will be capital escalations. But I need to check on that.

C6 From Cruis to Hyperion the number of npc's dropped a small amount  only to bounce back by Oceanus, although its slowly dropped since to were it is today. The drop from Cruis to today is about 10 to 15%

The graphs for both POS's and npc kills are very similar. C6 are the only class that is lower than at Crius, so a bit gutted there.

Total npc kills from Cruis to today has gone up. Its hard to say exactly how much, although my guess is approximately 15 to 20%. I'm pretty happy at this, especially as this is just npc kills it doesn't include people doing the null sec data and relic sites, which I hope to get some info on soon.

C1 to C4 seem a lot more active than Hyperion. It's also worth remembering that the data and relic null sec sites in C1 to C3 don't show up in this graph, I'm still trying to get some numbers on them. C5 and C6 show some interesting stuff. People probably expect most npc kills in these wormholes will be from capital escalations. While C5 npc has gone through the roof, in C6 they have dropped. On checking with CCP Fozzie it appears that while some of the increase in C5 npc kills are from sleeper guardians the greater part is from other sleepers, Showing that its not all from cap escalation farming but other PvE as well.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Wormhole report

I know alot of people have been asking for some graphs and figure's for wormhole changes for the last half year or so.

I finally have some. Its worth me explaining a bit about some of the figures and info CCP can give the CSM (and potentially the player base).

  1. Basic simple numbers from Evemetrics. This tends to be fairly simple stuff, like kills in certain areas, amount mined. This is fairly easy for Dev's to find for us as its a simple check. The down side is it also tends to be rather basic info.
  2. SQL requests. This is where they actually have to go and run a search for a specific queary and can take a bit longer than just looking up simple stuff from Evemetrics. An example of this might be something like, characters logged off in a C5 space.
  3. Lastly you have the Analytics Department. These are the guys and gals who can sort pretty much anything out and do it in great detail with fancy graphs and tables as well. The down side (atleast to CSM) is we have to put requests in then have it checked by various people on the way. So it can be along wait (fact there often stacked with work doesn't help) An example might be ship kills by ship class in a percentage manner for each class of wormholes.
So what do I have.

We (the csm) got some super sexy graphs, on some stuff I have been asking for a while, Sadly I can't show you them (I did ask). So what I have tried to do is put as much info below as I can, I'll also be writing up the next graph for next week, it just takes a while since I have to get it okayed by alot of people.

One of the basic ways to see how many people are in W-space is to look at total pos's. Its not ideal but it gives a indication.

From C1 to C6

C1 Didn't seem to be affected by hyperion at all, with POS numbers slowly increasing since Oceanus where Blue loot was wanted to decide in what order T3 destroyers would be released, and then the follow up increase in blue loot value. So pretty happy here.

C2 There had been a slow decline in POS numbers from Cruis through Hyperion and Oceanus, Then picking up from Pheobe onward, ending up about 10 to 15% higher than at Crius when they started dropping. The slight dip may have been from the mass/distance change being annouched although its very hard to tell. POS wise C2's are better than ever. With them being significantly higher than any other wormhole class (40 to 50% more than the next highest).

C3 POS have been pretty stable with a very slight drop around Hyperion, Although coming back up to slightly above that level today. Not much to see here at all.

C4 Had a slight drop at Hyperion, but have steadily been raising since. probably due to alot of pvp groups moving in for all the lovely connections they now have. A rough guess would be maybe a 20% increase in pos's since Hyperion. Looking at purely POS numbers C4's are looking really good.

C5 Didn't change around Hyperion although they did drop around ocenaus. This could be people moving from C5's to C4's its hard to tell, however in the last month or so there has been a slight increase in POS's taking it above Ocenaus level when it dropped. Pretty good news.

C6 No change at Hyperion, a nice increase around Pheobe and then a slow decline taking it back to Hyperion levels, Its hard to say which way it will go from here but could be either way.

Summary for POS.

While there has been some small declines in POS's around Hyperion its most likely down to people shifting around from wormhole classes. Total numbers of POS's in W-space is Alot higher now than Hyperion, with C2's and C4's really shining, This could be down to people wanting them for pvp due to multi statics or also the fact that C1 to C4 saw a big increase in income due to blue loot income and Null data and relic sites being added. Good news,