Monday, 24 November 2014

Its out

I mentioned in my last blog i was really excited to see the results of the dev blog. Its out and holy crap is it good.

If you haven't seen it yet you should check out the trailer HERE.

Its my fave trailer now, while I'm a bit biased since NoHo is in it (1.19 baby) should be mentioned it was a new FC and that was his second time FC'ing.

I waited up for it to be released, and was glad I did, I messaged CCP Prawn saying how great it was, it was 1 in the morning and he was up thanking players who had helped with the trailer. So huge respect to him. I know there team has been working there arse off to get this sorted, so really glad it went well. They deserve so much credit for this.

NoHo has a new video out The Defense of Polaris. Great video of the main fight when we got invaded (will cover this in another blog).

On other news, was the wormhole townhall today. I had split it in to 3 sections, which I don't think is necessary. So will alter it next time. Asay going boss mode recorded it (cos I'm a techno idiot) and you can get a download here.

Last week was also Sugar Kyle's eve uni mumble chat which was really fun, the early one had me and Asay there, with a guest appearance from a freshly awoken Sion to answer nullsec political questions, Which was really funny. he sounded so tired. The evening one being just Sugar and I.

I'm hoping to sort doing these townhalls more often along with the "sounding board" ones. The feed back I have gotten has been really useful.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Its not all feedback

Most of what we do on the CSM is feedback on various stuff so its nice once in a while to help in a different way.

A couple months ago CCP Falcon posted a Dev blog. We knew a bit more about it. I was super excited about this. CCP wanted videos and some of the best videos out there are wormhole fights. They often have various class of ships from cruisers up to capitals, but being small to medium scale you can zoom in and get a real feel for the size difference between sub caps and capitals, you can see all the effects happening and whats going on, rather than it be a view that's super zoomed out with just dots.

After a couple hours I managed track done the CCP Dev (CCP Prawn) who was working on this and have a chat to him about it on skype. I sent him a load of links for various videos of our fights as well as a link to the W-space PvP videos thread.

We spoke a bit about what sort of stuff he was looking for as well formats and stuff, I suggested about some wormhole PvE since (while boring) its pretty cool for new people to  see capitals and subs used to kill red crosses, It turns out thats also something he wanted to try and get filmed.

A quick chat to NoHo and it was all sorted. Both CCP Prawn and CCP Zond 3 moved themselves in to Polaris cloaked, We started to run sites and they recorded it all. Was a few funny things CCP Zond 3 decloaking, and the our scanner trying to scan him down straight away.

CCP Prawn asking me if it was ok to thank NoHo in local, showing great wh etiquette.

I put a post up on the wormhole forum and while it didn't get as much response as i'd have liked. I did get loads of skype messages asking about it and if CCP wanted to come and film them while they did stuff, so that was pretty nice. Its also worth mentioning just how important getting a blue post on the forums is as that hugely attracts attention, its something I always try to take advantage of and something I think CCP could make much better use of. In this case CCP Zond 3 was good enough to post on it.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the end results from the CCP Dev blog.