Sunday, 29 March 2015

Real life

So I figure if I am going to blog more often I might as well blog about some more general stuff. Real life I've decided to set myself a few goals. Its something I should have done long ago, but didn't finally commit till I watched one of my fave channels on youtube.

Abroad in japan

He talks about alot of interesting stuff about Japan, from teaching them how to swear, to some of the sights to see.

Its a great watch some really interesting stuff, but to the point of it. He tried to lose 10kg in 10 weeks. And as some might know I really need to lose weight so, I figure I'll see if I can do this. I used to be pretty active, did alot of gym stuff a small amount of martial arts and stuff, But owing to a slight case of Chronic fatigue syndrome its not as easy as it used to be.

I've set myself a few goals not only do I want to lose 10kg in 10 weeks but;
I'd like to run 5 miles (I've ran half marathons before but 5 miles would be a huge goal in 10 weeks).
I'd like to hit a few gym goals 350-400kg leg press and 100kg bench press. I'm pretty confident about the leg press, not so much bench press.

I'm not sure if I will do weekly or monthly or hell even any updates, I'll def do a 10 week review on how I did though.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

First few days

Four days back from fanfest, and things are starting to come together.

CSMX wise, NDA's have been sent out to all the new members, It seems like most people are getting these sorted fast. Sort Dragon's already has his done since he was at fanfest. A CSMX skype channel is already up and running everyone's in there already. Its been fairly active and everyone is speaking, No one is afk yet, which is always a good start.

Once everyone gets confluence access I can see a lot of ideas being put up on there.

GRR Goons, I've been in corp two days now. I haven't bothered moving ships, I just intend to buy them in Deklien. Getting registered and set up with admin was pretty simple, even for me who most people know, a techno noob. I got a travel interceptor sorted as well ratting ship (cant be corbear without a ratting ship). That being a Gila, first time I've ever used one and they are really fun, I rarely use drones but, holy shit Gila drones kill stuff fast.

I also spent a evening chatting to a mate, Porkbutte who is the CEO of Karmafleet, Its a super newbee friendly corp that by all accounts is doing really well. I said I'd help out where I can with basic stuff and once stuff settles down I'll do a weekly chat about w space  and maybe even take them in to w-space if I can find handy wormholes. The time I do spend on GSF mumble its normally hanging out in the karmafleet channel helping where I can.

My alt is lined up to join its first wormhole corp and spend a couple weeks playing with them to see what they do and if they have any issues. I'm really looking forward to this. There is some interesting stuff on the forums especially about structures, a fair bit of panic with people jumping to conclusions.
Hopefully I'll have the first sounding boards for w space on this topic sorted soon.

All in all its been a fun week and probably the most excited I've been to play eve in ages

Friday, 27 March 2015

Fanfest 2015

Fanfest is over and its been a blast.

I met up with some mates at the airport, On arrival we topped up on duty free beers and spirits. A must for anyone going to fanfest as alcohol is heavily taxed in Iceland. I was lucky enough to see Ali, a taxi driver CCP often uses and said hello to him, He was nice enough to sort us out a cheap taxi that took us right to our apartment.

The apartment itself was super nice easily sleeping 10 people it had a really nice kitchen (which we didn't use) and a couple of shower rooms. The only down side is we couldn't seem to turn the heating down or open the windows in bedrooms. It was also seemed great value as well, you can see pic of the place here. I'd highly recommend it to anyone going as a big group its about a 5 to 10 min walk to the harpa, with plently of pubs along the way.

There were a couple none wormhole people I really wanted to meet Noizy gamer and Neville smit. Yes I now know Noizy is in thera so not really a none wormholer. I was lucky enough to bump in to Neville at Nora's and we got to have a good chat about stuff in general. Noizy was slightly harder to track down but luckily Sugar just sent him a message and asked if he wanted to meet up for food.  I didn't realise he was going to be doing a presentation but was good to chat to him and hear some stuff on RMT and Isboxing It was also really cool to hear he was in Thera and the stuff he was doing. When I get time I'm hoping to put a alt in his group to hang out with them for a couple weeks.

I got meet up with alot of wormhole people, It was great to meet Proc and Bernie in person, as well as the Artic light guys who are all batshit crazy. At the charity dinner I got to meet a few more and have a natter about general stuff, atleast till it turned in to api/crest stuff. At that point I called Steve in to help.

It was also nice to meet up with the other CSM in person Asay, Mangala, Gorski, who I have never met in real life all were really nice. Its one of them funny things we argue alot on CSM. But everyone is super friendly and chill in person. Its especially true for corebloodbrothers, we argue alot but he's one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

What else happened, Well the CSM panel happened more on this later, I'll be doing that in a separate blog. I managed to get to both the wormhole workshops and they were really good, I won't lie, they had alot of really good and interesting ideas. I spoke to a couple CCP Devs about it and they felt they were productive as well. I made it to all the keynotes and was well. For the last keynote on day one with the CSM announcement I was sat with CCP Masterplan and Sugar. I won't lie we'd both been worrying if we would get in. So was really nice to see we did, only to have CCP Masterplan giggle about it. Looking at the numbers now sugar WTF owned it, and justifiably so.

I got asked to do a few interviews with media, Its pretty strange as its not something I am used to. First Sion and I got interviewed by a Chinese reporter. Then I got interviewed for a German PC gamer magazine and then TMDC. The last one was by Cassandra Khaw who wanted to speak to me about wormholes. Turns out she had interviewed me along with several other people two years ago. Which surprised her when i remembered. We spoke about a few things that had changed and then I mentioned BOB. She was amazed that a god/religion had been created in game. She was amazed and asked me loads of stuff, how it all started, what people did, who followed it, the history. I had a few answers but it was obvious she wanted to know more, and luckily both Proc and Asay were at fanfest. I left saying I'd return later with more knowledgeable people. I found them both sadly Asay had other stuff he had to do but Proc was more than happy to come along.

They sat down talking with him explaining the history, she couldn't believe it, I had to laugh when at one point we pointed out how people often sacrificed exotic dancers to BOB, She seemed very shocked even if it was just a game. Proc sent her a whole load of info, which apparently has been recorded by a BBC radio journalist.

The party on top of the world was great fun, had alot of laughs I don't think my shirts offended to many people. By the end of the event I was super tired.