Monday, 11 May 2015

Concerns sent in.

I recently got mailed in some pretty good questions by Selto Black of The Desolate Order, so figured I'd answer them here as there probably concerns alot have.

What affects do you believe the new structures will have on j-space?

I'm hoping it will make life in W-space easier, although there are issues. Trying to balance everything for all different spaces, Isn't going to be easy

Do you think that the window of vulnerability will work in j-space? 

This is where it gets tricky, firstly its worth remembering that just because the vulnerability window works one way in sov doesn't mean it has to work that way for everything. CCP are building in as many knobs and buttons so that things can be altered and changed as much as possible as easily as possible. My guess is yes it can work although. I'll be pointing out issues and concerns as we go along I've posted alot of feedback already on the confluence page and as well raised them in our slack group and to CCP Nullabor, we're hoping to have a meeting soon where we can get some more information about general things to help give us a better overall idea of what will be happening.

What is your view on the new shattered holes?

If you mean in general I still have some things I don't like, I'm still not a fan of forcing people to go armour in them with the Wolf Rayet effect, although I can see why they did it. If you mean will they allow POS's in there, my guess at the moment would be no. They probably want to keep it how it is.

How do you feel about Wormholers jumping into null just to entosis station services to provoke fights?

How do you feel about Wormholers Reinforcing Null-Sec structures just for the shits and giggles.

I'll answer both these together I'm not sure these will get fights I can see small groups going out and saying "hey fight me or we start knocking your services offline" But the majority of people who don't want to fight will just stay docked and try to put them back on afterwards when noone is around. I think its potentially going to be a griefers paradise. Which has me concerned on some levels. Its one of these things that's not to much a issue for big groups but will be a huge issue for smaller less organised groups. Sadly that's nearly always the way regardless of changes but this will definitely make it harder for smaller groups that live in null. Alot of this will depend on just how much people use there space, and how big the vulnerability window is.

What is your view on the blue bagel renting out C6 space?

I don't really like it, sadly its hard to stop, its a player driven issue. Not a mechanical one. I must say I find it funny when Hidden Freman (CEO of lazerhawks) moans there isn't enough pvp in w space when he's part of the blue bagel going around kicking people out. I'm hoping the changes to capital escalations will help in some way although I doubt it will be enough. The other issue is should CCP even do stuff to alter players behavior as its a sandbox after all. I think the only way you can say yes here is if its in the interests of making the game better as a whole. Then it gets subjective on whats best for the game.

How would you go about making Poses in Wormholes "Fair" (with respect to not being moon locked, How to make them findable without having to reveal that you're there)under Fozzie structures?

With the first part if that happens in W-space, as stuff can change. You have to look at what issues it will cause, the main one being full moon coverage being a defense of system mechanic. When I did all the POS survey last year nearly half of the people who filled them in said they covered all moons. It also wasn't just people in high class wormholes that did this. loads in lower class wormholes did as well.
If your going to take that away you need to add something to compensate. If we can't have full coverage we need something else one way would be making it so POS are a real force multiplier. They will need teeth and a much better way to affect the battles around them than they do now.

On making them findable and I think you definitely need to be able to find them without revealing that you are there. Having them appear on the overview tab like stations, is probably the simplest way to do it. another option would be to maybe have some probes you can launch while cloaked that are cloaked as well but can only scan structures. Although that to me personally seems needless complex compared to the first way.


  1. Renting killed sov for almost 2 years - CCP stepped in with jump drive nerf and sov changes. For the betterment of the game.

    Renting in wspace will kill it also - CCP might want to start thinking about this.

    That 500b QEX corp thieft, forum on account sharing and bla bla bla. Its all helping to make wspace (esp C5/6) shit. Player driven issues, yes. But leave it on its own with no monitoring will result in shit.

  2. Great feedback, thanks for the post. I have to say though, I am excited about the possibility that new structures offer for wormhole space, even if it creates some imbalances. I guess at a certain point any change is better than no change, so long as CCP delivers on their promise to iterate and fix glaring errors soon after release.

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