Saturday, 28 March 2015

First few days

Four days back from fanfest, and things are starting to come together.

CSMX wise, NDA's have been sent out to all the new members, It seems like most people are getting these sorted fast. Sort Dragon's already has his done since he was at fanfest. A CSMX skype channel is already up and running everyone's in there already. Its been fairly active and everyone is speaking, No one is afk yet, which is always a good start.

Once everyone gets confluence access I can see a lot of ideas being put up on there.

GRR Goons, I've been in corp two days now. I haven't bothered moving ships, I just intend to buy them in Deklien. Getting registered and set up with admin was pretty simple, even for me who most people know, a techno noob. I got a travel interceptor sorted as well ratting ship (cant be corbear without a ratting ship). That being a Gila, first time I've ever used one and they are really fun, I rarely use drones but, holy shit Gila drones kill stuff fast.

I also spent a evening chatting to a mate, Porkbutte who is the CEO of Karmafleet, Its a super newbee friendly corp that by all accounts is doing really well. I said I'd help out where I can with basic stuff and once stuff settles down I'll do a weekly chat about w space  and maybe even take them in to w-space if I can find handy wormholes. The time I do spend on GSF mumble its normally hanging out in the karmafleet channel helping where I can.

My alt is lined up to join its first wormhole corp and spend a couple weeks playing with them to see what they do and if they have any issues. I'm really looking forward to this. There is some interesting stuff on the forums especially about structures, a fair bit of panic with people jumping to conclusions.
Hopefully I'll have the first sounding boards for w space on this topic sorted soon.

All in all its been a fun week and probably the most excited I've been to play eve in ages


  1. So why did you abandon w-space for the Goons?

    If I'd know you were going to join them, I'd not have voted for you. And before all the 'vote the man, not the corp' defences, voting in our virtual world closely mirrors that of real life, where anyone with any sense knows the party matters at least as much as the man.

    As a voter who voted for you, I'd really like to know, not why you switched, but why you didn't disclose in the campaign that you were going Goon?

  2. I'll still be representing w space. By the time I had decided it the election was almost over, so wasn't much point.

    1. So you you're saying you made your decision only after voting started?

    2. So the election was STILL ongoing and you KNEW you were going to LEAVE w-space and join Goons?

      Wow.....didnt think you could make it any worse, but you have.

      What you should have done, is told people as soon as you knew what you were going to do - not hide it for some PR stunt that in the end will be your undoing.

    3. just out of interest how will it be my undoing?

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    5. (sorry, I kant tiipe fer krap...)

      OK I'll take a crack at this one...


      Trust in your word is the single most precious commodity in EVE... Chribba has it... Jester still has it... Sugar has it in Freighter loads... and you lost it, hell threw it away, with many, very many of the players.


      (1) You ran as a Wormhole rep who decided to join Goons, a Nullsec Sov Entity and Self proclaimed Bad Guys of EVE, after voting started... but decided not to tell us.

      You decided as we were already in bed you'd tell us afterwards that you had just found out you had herpes. And then, to top it off, Sion made you look like a chump in front of the playerbase with that on stage stunt.

      You can argue all you like that it was not that way, but man... perception is reality, and I don't mean 'your' perception of that event... with that oh so public walk of shame to shake hands with the 'devil' (nothing personal Sion, you do represent Goons)...

      (2) Goons are not wormholers, there may be Goons who mess about in Anoikis, but they are and always have been by and large a nullsec Sov entity, no one can argue that.

      I have lived in Anoikis for going on 4 years...and we have a weird kinda unspoken yet understood honor in holes... not E-honor but the real thing... and they don't, and they even pride themselves on not having any. Look, you know I don't even have to really go into the whys... if I do, you haven't been playing EVE.

      (3) One you may not have thought of… This coming year if not the next few years are going to be pretty heavily focused on Nullsec… due to the Sov changes and how all of that is going to fall out… So we really need someone close to CCP to keep the pressure up so they does not get all lost in the null and make changes that, unintentionally, really have negative impacts in Hisec, losec and negsec…

      So, put yourself in our boots… the one guy you really felt was a stand up guy and in there as YOUR guy for your space… how would you have felt if he secretly joined the opposition but only told you after the election was over? How would it look if you were us man? Actions speak louder…

      So...No, it won't be your ‘undoing’... you are still on the CSM… but you damn sure won't be hearing or getting any support from many of us who used to look to you as 'our' guy in the CSM... cause now we don't know who you are. And you can say yer still gonna be in there for the wormholers… but your Main is a Goon not a Wormholer… and it says something louder than words man… it really does. Do you seriously not see this?

      Trust... and trust broken… if you don't understand that, then may Bob have mercy on your soul... (and he aint exactly known for that now is he?)

    6. I'm glad you managed to count to 3 this time.

    7. Wow... a lightly denigrating yet non-responsive reply

      Makes counting to 3 look impressive in comparison. =\

  3. corbexx - Leaving aside the silliness of parking his main in Goonswarm while he enjoys playing EVE on his alts, I expect corbexx will continue to do a stellar job representing wormhole space, even while most of CCP concentrates on null. I should add, that stunt was one of the best ways of declaring he's not running for a third term that I've seen.