Friday, 6 February 2015

Wormhole report

I know alot of people have been asking for some graphs and figure's for wormhole changes for the last half year or so.

I finally have some. Its worth me explaining a bit about some of the figures and info CCP can give the CSM (and potentially the player base).

  1. Basic simple numbers from Evemetrics. This tends to be fairly simple stuff, like kills in certain areas, amount mined. This is fairly easy for Dev's to find for us as its a simple check. The down side is it also tends to be rather basic info.
  2. SQL requests. This is where they actually have to go and run a search for a specific queary and can take a bit longer than just looking up simple stuff from Evemetrics. An example of this might be something like, characters logged off in a C5 space.
  3. Lastly you have the Analytics Department. These are the guys and gals who can sort pretty much anything out and do it in great detail with fancy graphs and tables as well. The down side (atleast to CSM) is we have to put requests in then have it checked by various people on the way. So it can be along wait (fact there often stacked with work doesn't help) An example might be ship kills by ship class in a percentage manner for each class of wormholes.
So what do I have.

We (the csm) got some super sexy graphs, on some stuff I have been asking for a while, Sadly I can't show you them (I did ask). So what I have tried to do is put as much info below as I can, I'll also be writing up the next graph for next week, it just takes a while since I have to get it okayed by alot of people.

One of the basic ways to see how many people are in W-space is to look at total pos's. Its not ideal but it gives a indication.

From C1 to C6

C1 Didn't seem to be affected by hyperion at all, with POS numbers slowly increasing since Oceanus where Blue loot was wanted to decide in what order T3 destroyers would be released, and then the follow up increase in blue loot value. So pretty happy here.

C2 There had been a slow decline in POS numbers from Cruis through Hyperion and Oceanus, Then picking up from Pheobe onward, ending up about 10 to 15% higher than at Crius when they started dropping. The slight dip may have been from the mass/distance change being annouched although its very hard to tell. POS wise C2's are better than ever. With them being significantly higher than any other wormhole class (40 to 50% more than the next highest).

C3 POS have been pretty stable with a very slight drop around Hyperion, Although coming back up to slightly above that level today. Not much to see here at all.

C4 Had a slight drop at Hyperion, but have steadily been raising since. probably due to alot of pvp groups moving in for all the lovely connections they now have. A rough guess would be maybe a 20% increase in pos's since Hyperion. Looking at purely POS numbers C4's are looking really good.

C5 Didn't change around Hyperion although they did drop around ocenaus. This could be people moving from C5's to C4's its hard to tell, however in the last month or so there has been a slight increase in POS's taking it above Ocenaus level when it dropped. Pretty good news.

C6 No change at Hyperion, a nice increase around Pheobe and then a slow decline taking it back to Hyperion levels, Its hard to say which way it will go from here but could be either way.

Summary for POS.

While there has been some small declines in POS's around Hyperion its most likely down to people shifting around from wormhole classes. Total numbers of POS's in W-space is Alot higher now than Hyperion, with C2's and C4's really shining, This could be down to people wanting them for pvp due to multi statics or also the fact that C1 to C4 saw a big increase in income due to blue loot income and Null data and relic sites being added. Good news,


  1. That's no of POSes. I think that metric is skewed towards the very large wh groups. I don't their activity was affected. Could you run the report for no of wormholes with online POSes? To figure out how many systems are actually used. And maybe avg number of poses per active system.

    1. I'm checking the issue is even if it can be I can't get it down before fanfest as analytic's are stacked out

  2. Do you think C1s are busier because of blue loot changes or because of an increase in industrial POSes?

    1. almost certainly blue loot will have brought people in

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