Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Wormhole report 2. NPC Kills

Following on from the previous blog post, I'm looking at NPC kills.

I'll be looking at from Cruis to today.

C1 Increased from Cruis to Hyperion, then dropped the same amount to Oceanus. Only to rise again and then stabilize around rhea at approximately 50% higher than Cruis.

While the pos's in C1 did increase it was in no way anywhere near as much as npc kills, meaning there is a lot more ratting happening now than before.

C2 Had a slight dip leading up to Hyperion and a bit after. only to start increasing again sharply to Pheobe and then continued at a steadier pace up to today, showing a overall increase of nearly 100% npc kills.

Whilst looking at the previous blog we see POS's increased by 10 to 15%, The increase in npc kills is probably do in some part to C4's having the extra static as well as the sites being coming a lot more profitable, encouraging people to do them. C2's seem a lot more active now than Hyperion.

C3 At Cruis C3's had more npc than any other class. They showed a slight rise just after the expansion but then dropped before Hyperion, which continued to Oceanus, this was a fairly significant drop of about 20 to 25%. It gained this back by Pheobe and then slowly increased to Proteus where it dropped slightly. Although its still slightly higher than it was Cruis.

As the POS's stayed pretty stable throughout this whole period its fairly safe to assume the drop in npc kills leading up to Hyperion and a bit after was down to people being concerned at just how safe it was to run sites in the time. But the increase in income coming up to Pheobe encouraged  people back to killing red crosses.

C4 Between Cruis and a bit past Hyperion C4's took a massive drop in npc kills (about 30 to 35%). It stayed at this leave through Oceanus to Pheobe, then picked up with increasing pace to Proteus where its dropped slightly. But still finishing at the same level as Cruis.

The huge drop in npc kills happens a month or so before the very slight drop in POS in C4 space. I'm not sure if this is people panicking or super active farming groups packing up. The increase in npc kills is also a month or so after when POS's pick up although its a much, much steeper increase than the POS increase. I'm hoping its just the delayed time in people packing up moving out and new people moving back in and setting up.

C5 Saw a steady drop npc kills through Cruis in to Hyperion, the drop was about 15%. It then rose sharply come Oceanus to Pheobe where it dropped a small about, before bouncing back at Rhea to a all time high today. The total increase from Cruis to now being close to 35 to 40%. They now also  hold the title of having most npc's killed of any class of W-space.

While there was a slight drop in POS's around Oceanus this doesn't fit in with the npc kills, which were increasing. There was a small increase POS's over the time from Cruis to now but nothing what so ever like the increase in npc kills. My guess is that a lot of these npc will be capital escalations. But I need to check on that.

C6 From Cruis to Hyperion the number of npc's dropped a small amount  only to bounce back by Oceanus, although its slowly dropped since to were it is today. The drop from Cruis to today is about 10 to 15%

The graphs for both POS's and npc kills are very similar. C6 are the only class that is lower than at Crius, so a bit gutted there.

Total npc kills from Cruis to today has gone up. Its hard to say exactly how much, although my guess is approximately 15 to 20%. I'm pretty happy at this, especially as this is just npc kills it doesn't include people doing the null sec data and relic sites, which I hope to get some info on soon.

C1 to C4 seem a lot more active than Hyperion. It's also worth remembering that the data and relic null sec sites in C1 to C3 don't show up in this graph, I'm still trying to get some numbers on them. C5 and C6 show some interesting stuff. People probably expect most npc kills in these wormholes will be from capital escalations. While C5 npc has gone through the roof, in C6 they have dropped. On checking with CCP Fozzie it appears that while some of the increase in C5 npc kills are from sleeper guardians the greater part is from other sleepers, Showing that its not all from cap escalation farming but other PvE as well.


  1. One factor that may have played into C4 NPC-kill decline in Hyperion is the dual statics making it easier for people to get to PVE that they prefer. My corp is an example of this: we did not move. We used to run mostly C4 sites, some at home but most via our C4 static. After Hyperion, we almost stopped running C4 sites, because we got a new static C5 and prefer those sites. Of course, the fact that all the C4s we access via our static are now twice as hard to zip up does play a role too.

  2. its almost certainly the main reason, the reason they pick uplater is probably due to other groups moving in that want the wh's for pvp due to the dual statics taht also farm some time

  3. The C1 stats corroborate what you said in your previous post about blue loot changes being responsible for more POSes in C1s. Funny that I don't really see more ratters in C1s but they're out there somewhere.

    Perhaps one reason for the increase in C5 NPCs being killed is the change to the wormhole effects. You can now run C5 WRs with frigates fairly safely, so there might be some groups taking advantage of that.

    1. yeah the frig wr stuff might well explain some of it, I'll have to see if there is info on it

  4. Nice work corbexx. I wonder if the non-Sleepless Guardian kills uptick is due to a larger number of players in other class holes connected to C5 space clearing sleepers from gas sites and harvesting the gas sites other than Vitals and Instrumentals.

  5. Why the C6 reducitons?

    Are all the bears moving to C5s for the safety (less chance getting rolled into v. C6,) and still get the cap esc?

    Still not happy with the effect that the T3 production changes have taken on the ancient relic market. Almost a 75% value reduction across the board - pretty much killed the profession. Really sucky seeing that almost nothing has been said about that impact that I imagine CCP had no idea that was going to happen?

    Dont you do alot of T3 produciton? Must be enjoying the lower produciton costs and still have the new T3 dessys and nullsec tengu doctrines.

    tinfoil hat?

  6. the reduction in relic loot was nice manufacturing wise although its more than compensated for my build costs, I'm spending over a billion a day some times on that, which is more than i used to spend on relic loot.

    hard to say exactly whats happening c5 and c6 wise

  7. Build costs as in the assembly line costs for installing the job, aka 100% isk sinks? Thats frustrating because the builders like yourself are seeing increased build costs (CCP get the isk), and the relic maket (players get the isk), is getting the shaft. Meh - terriable imo, bad show ccp.

    Did they not think that allowing selectable subsystem research would crash the sleeper relic market? Or did they just think that everyone in WH space is running homesites to get blue books and no1 runs relic sites for you know..........the relics.

    Its just frustrating to see less and less options for Wh content. It was fun to run a relic site here and there, but for less than 30-40m per site, why bother....its sad and poor design CCP.

    WH Bears are moving out of C6s and into C5 space for the protection while still getting cap esc. Its all the rage these days.