Wednesday, 25 February 2015

CSM Ballot

Below you'll see my ballot along with a brief comment on why people are there.

  1. Myself - So I'm biased.
  2. Sugar kyle - Incumbent lowsec hardest worker on the CSM.
  3. Ariete - Wormholer
  4. Steve Ronuken - Incumbent, hisec industry, 3rd party stuff.
  5. Sion Kumitomo - He'll get in so you can leave him off but this is where I'd put him. So feel free to leave him off.
  6. Cagali Cagali - Brave NPE
  7. Chance Ravinne - Newbie wormholer.
  8. Ashterothi - Wormholer and podcaster.
  9. Bam Stroker - Eve down under organiser.
  10. Khador Vess - RvB fc.
  11. Psianh Anyvander - Noir Academy
  12. Jayne Fillion - NPSI 
  13. Manfred Sideous - Null sec rep
  14. Endie - The left hand to Sions right hand. 

Sugar's been the hardest working CSM, She's not affraid to speak to people and on a personal level and will happily listen to anyone. She has her monthly chit chats on eve uni mumble, where people can come ask her stuff. She blogs loads to let people know whats happening. Hell tbh if I had more sense I would just guest blog on her blog since I really don't blog enough to warrant my own. She's that good I've actually put her ahead of my wormhole second choice, she pretty much a shoe in.

Ariete joined late in the race but is the best wormholer  running on a wormhole only platform, after me.

Steve if you live in hisec, do industry, 3rd party stuff you need to vote for this guy. He's a god damn legend, My only issue is he should let people know more about the stuff he does.

Sion, probably a surprise to some to see him this far up he'll get in, so as I said feel free to level him off. But he deserves to be on the list. I share alot of his views on general stuff. His null understanding is second to none. He's also not afraid to speak his mind with stuff thats controversial. I'll be honest I'm surprised more people haven't put him on their list my guess is probably because they, know he will get on, and secondly GRRR Goons.

Cageli, I've known him for several year, since I first started donating to brave dojo and chat to him often, I'm super glad he's running, I nagged him loads about it. He's the godfather of newbies and really understand them and the issues needs they have. His down under presentation was excellent. 

Chance, Is really enthusiastic has alot of interesting. He's also a wormholer so got to give him credit for that.

Ashterothi. A podcaster and wormholer, I don't know him super well only spoke to him a few times, and I'll be totally honest I'm not that in to media types, I agree with Funky when he says about them not making good CSM reps. But #wormholer #yolo.

Bam, I haven't actually got to speak to this chap yet. However a couple people I really trust have spoken very highly about him and there is nothing bad about him I can find at all, yes I did look.

Khador, Is my hisec of choice.

Psianh, very knowledgeable, If it wasn't a wormhole ballot I'd almost certainly put him higher.

Jayne, with corp and alliance roles being looked at this is a good time to add a NPSI pov in there to help out there and he's the logical choice.

Manny. he's a given to get in. But is really needed for his nullsec knowledge and ability to think outside the box even if his ideas hurt his own allaince, He's also super helpful, I've spoke to him several times to get more info on various things, null sov and T3's in null. he's always been happy to give up time and chat about issues.

Endie, quite simply you don't get to be super high up in Goons unless your really good. Love them or hate them, their leadership knows their shit. If he is half as good as Sion, he'll be a asset to the csm.


  1. Good luck Corbexx! You'll be number one on my ballot, and hopefully others who read my blog.

  2. Rahter see you in-game killing stuff with us then on the CSM...but if you must, you got my vote. Good review of the canidates.

    You should give Ashterothi a little slack even tho he is a dirty caster. He knows his stuff and will bring a really good perspective to the team.

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