Sunday, 1 June 2014

Dealing with CCP.

I need to be a  "Angry salesman." I need to keep on nagging any dev I can get to listen to me about what I want to do.

My plan, first I'm going to start spamming then with skype messages every few minutes or so. As some devs are in few channels this will help as they will get multiple skype messages. I'll also be hitting the forums hard  posting exactly what I want sorted.  I figure this is pretty standard and probably won't get me the "angry salesman" title. So time to think out side the box. Maybe some leaflets left in pubs in iceland. I could also send the devs some business card I get made up with exactly what i want done on them. Maybe some billboards outside CCP's office. Maybe some big signs off the side of boats in the harbour. If we're going boats maybe a plan towing a sign with what I want done.

This all seems pretty reasonable and I doubt it would annoy CCP at all.

I've had alot of people mailing me or convo'ing me in game, asking "WTF I hope your going ballistic over the npc api date."

Now yes I guess I could have gone thermonuclear on CCP FoxFour. I could have made a huge post, calling him all sorts of things. Just what good does it do yelling and screaming. Normally when I have people like that screaming at me, I just think man that guy is a A hole, then just ignore them. This is the last thing I want the devs thinking of me. A much better approach is to be polite.

I'm reminded of a old classic film here Road house. Dalton the head bouncer is chatting to the other bouncers and basically say.

Ask him to walk but be nice. If he won't walk. Walk him but be nice. If you can't walk him, one of the others will help you, and you will both be nice.

This works much, much better than ranting and raving. Another example of how ranting and raving could go wrong.

There was also a slight issue the other day with mass on freighters. It got pointed out to me and I had a quick look. I'd actually missed this as well, so first things first. Check all the data, Its right there could be a issue with freighters in W-space. I mail the guy who pointed it out thanking him for his good post (more on these in another blog).  I received a nice mail in reply (which is a nice break from the norm). I post on the forum to let everyone know I have seen it and am on it. I then let the rest of the CSM know about it. Post on our internal forum to let CCP Fozzie know about the issue, along with the facts mass of wh's, mass of freighters. Why this would be a issue. I also let him know on skype. Its a sunday but within hours its sorted. Simple miss type. Everyone is happy posts are made to let people know its a mistake tweets sent. jobs a good one.

Now what would of happened if I went full retard on CCP Fozzie, I'm sure it would have got sorted. I'm also sure he'd think I'm a total prat and it sure wouldn't help in the long term. This I hope shows why being nice and polite works much better than going full retard for stuff that in this case turned out to be a tiny honest mistake.

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