Wednesday, 7 May 2014

First blog post

So, First things first, thanks to everyone who voted for me.

There is a couple of special thanks I should make.

Two Step. He gave me loads of useful information on the best way to campaign. What I should be doing, who I should chat to. He also gave me a lot of encouragement. So a huge thanks to him.

The whole of my alliance NOHO. They also gave me a huge amount of support. They spent a great amount of time anchoring cans in W-space, along with Amarr, yep we do have some crazy people who go to K-space. CraftyCroc took out loads of fleets, where everyone renamed there ship "Corbexx 4 CSM". It's also worth noting most these fleets got bombed out of existence.

Zara Arran. Helped a lot in planning my campaign and helping me get stuff sorted.

A Damn Patriot and Black Bart Pirate, both pushed my name heavily in BRAVE.

Tora Bushido. This chap made me a cool gif and got my name out in the merc channel.

The other W-space candidates (Asayanami, Karen, James and Proc). All helped encourage each other and drive support as a whole. I should also add Chista in here as well.

The guys from both legacy of a capsuleer and capstable podcast for the huge work they did.

Sindel for putting me (and a couple others) on the MOTD of The Angel Project.

I'm probably forgetting a whole load of people.

So a few semi interesting figures about my campaign.

I was in 67 public channels.
Went on to 32 different corp/alliance comm's.
Answered just under 300 mails.
Longest day was 21 hours. with going on the first comm's at 8 in the morning and leaving the last comm's just after 5 in the morning the next day. Ok I had some breaks in between.

So what now?

There is a few things I want to do.

Starting this blog is the first. I'm not sure how often I'll blog, but hey its a start.
I want to sort a ingame channel out so people can contact. That's pretty simple.
Helping out BRAVE doing some of there wormhole day tripping. I'd like to do this a couple times a month, although I'm not sure just how much time I'll have free.
I want to be as visible as possible and easy to get hold of. So to help do that I've given a fair few people my skype name so they can get hold of me fairly easily. 26 people so far have it and I'll be getting that number alot higher.
I also want to keep on playing the game and having fun, killing stuff with the rest of NOHO.

All in all I'm looking forward to the year ahead.


  1. Give Crafty kisses for me. I miss him and still have his hurricane sitting with structure damage in Klingt.

  2. Interesting to see where you spent your time campaigning.

    I have added you to, shamelessly breaking my own rules about number of posts and age of blog.

    Also get on Steve's via