Wednesday, 20 May 2015


A Dev blog came out a bit ago.

Alot of the stuff is pretty good, How ever there is always concerns.

From a wormhole POV I have three main concerns

1) No auto defenses. I have several issues here, You have to set the vulnerability time for your prime time (ok you don't have to, but you'd be pretty crazy not to). So when its your best time to be on and playing with your mates, some one has to stay back to man the guns. This to me is terribly counter intuitive.

After that you have the issue that without a hp threshold anyone in any ship can potentially reinforce a pos meaning that cloaked ship in system could easily reinforce a pos if your not about.

2) Loot not dropping. This isn't strictly true some minor stuff will drop, but it won't be how it is in w space where everything could potentially drop. Its one of the main reasons people invade for loot and without this its likely to not be worth the hassle.

3) Just how will we find these new structures and get intel on who is inside. This is probably the least impactful and easily solved of the three, a lot has already be discussed regarding this.

Station games and linking.

I've had a lot of people moan about wormholes getting docking games and this simply isn't the case. It basically comes down to a couple things, people not reading the feedback thread and CCP not explaining it really well.

Here is what it will mostly be like.

you will be docked, you will be able to see the grid outside. So can see if anyone is about. You undock and enter a linking phase, while in this linking phase you are invulnerable, can't lock people or be locked yourself. You will how ever be able to fly around the citadel to a certain distance. This will act as a pseudo force field.

As for feedback, I've gone and spoke to nine different wormhole groups so far for approximately 11 hours. I've had some really great ideas and feedback along with a lot of good questions that need to be asked, three A4 pages of wormhole questions and notes and another 1 page on general stuff. Which I have posted on to CCP's confluence. I've also been speaking to CCP Nullabor alot about issues regarding citadels in w space (500 plus lines of convo in the couple days before the dev blog coming out) So much so I feel pretty confident that he could now actually plan a semi decent wormhole invasion on his own.

One of the main things I got from people was overall its a positive thing although its still really early, and we need to wait for more information. Which I totally agree with, We had a meeting with CCP this week to get a better feel for there overall ideas and will be getting more info to read through soon, which will be nice, I raised a few issues (number 1 to 3) and also mentioned how some stuff just wasn't explained all that well, which they are hoping to sort in the future,

I'm pretty optimistic at the moment although its very early in the development at the moment.

PS. I'm looking to try and find some tiny wormhole groups 20 max players to chat to about this.


  1. Offering to give input from tiny perspective. @akely on Twitter if you need me.

  2. No loot is a huge issue. No auto defence is a problem, especcially for small groups that cant have people online every day (as in, there are days when no one is online). Some sort of semi auto defence as a rig/module maybe? As for larger groups - all you need is to have one or few alts logged out in home to defend during potential troll that come when you hunt 5 holes farther in chain.

  3. The main worry for me and my group, and we're tiny, is the lack of details. Or at least the lack of details in clear English. I've seen the same questions posed over and over on forums and CCP always comes back with a wall of BLAH.

    My bunch is also cautiously optimistic (some of us, myself included VERY cautious), but the problem that I have is that, since the devil is very much in the details, and since the details won't be fully known until they are basically too far down the development road to change much, given the scale, it's causing some worry.

  4. Thanks for clarifying station games. Linking makes the most sense and showing the grid while docked should be reasonable. And thanks for reading the CCP thread for me.