Tuesday, 13 May 2014

First impressions

So, first impressions.

I know most the people on the CSM by name, although I have only spoke to a couple in game and one on comms before getting on the CSM.

Everyone seems pretty chill. We have a nicely balanced group (although I wish we had a second WH rep) there is a fair few null people but that's to be expected as the're organised.

Everyone seems keen, although it might be just because its the start of a term. But people are certainly more than happy to help out

I've had a decent chat with Sion. This was really interesting we both spoke about the things we did in game, what would help our various area's. Was a few things that were interesting. My home wormhole (Polaris from now on) is incredibly densely populated compared to nullsec. Soin was also surprised when I mentioned just how many pos's we had, was interested hearing about how we hauled all our stuff in.

I've also had a chat with Sugar Kyle. All I can say is damn Lowsec needs some love/sorting.

I'm really hoping to spend a bit more time chatting to the other CSM one to one, as I really think it helps me get a feel for what the're like and what sort of stuff they want try and sort for instance, I really want alliance bookmarks, Sion also mentioned how it would help null. Hell NOHO moan about corp bookmarks and we only have 4 corps. He has 268 corps in his alliance.

On CCP. I've also been impressed, there has been a slight issue in W-space (will be my next blog post). But I asked if there was anyway I could chat to CCP FoxFour about it. Mynnna said he'd ask on skype, as he didn't want to hand out people's skype details without there permission, which I totally agree with. Anyway in under 5 minutes I was chatting to CCP FoxFour. He was more than happy to chat to me about the issue. I was impressed with what he knew about W-space and the 3rd party apps we used. I've been speaking to him most days. He was more than happy to take on my concerns and bring them up with the whole eve game design department. I've asked for a fair few numbers and details and he's happily sorted the answers for me.

If everyone in CCP is going to be as forthcoming as him I'm going to be really happily.

fun facts for the week.

I've been on 5 groups comms.
Had chats with 2 people on our comms.
Spoke to 15 different people on skype.

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  1. Sounds like a solid start. Keep up the great work, bro!